Old Mutual

Old Mutual operates primarily in the long-term savings and investment market. Our primary objective as a business is to preserve and grow the money that our customers entrust to us.


In the early seventies, the Association of Private Schools resolved to establish a group pensions and life assurance scheme for the purpose of providing benefits on retirement and ancillary benefits on death, disablement or resignation, for staff of private schools that elected to participate in the Scheme.

The Scheme is currently managed by a Board of Trustees. The overall package of benefits are kept under close review by the Trustees and improved from time to time, in order to maintain the Scheme in a modern, relevant format.

The ISASA Pension and Provident Funds are administered by Old Mutual Employee Benefits. The Old Mutual Administrators have continued to improve their service over the years and have steadily built up the expertise and data that is needed to manage this now large and widely spread and complex Fund.

With the number of members involved in defined contribution funds, it is crucial that they seek and are given sound and appropriate advice on investments of their accumulated credits before going on retirement. In conjunction with Old Mutual, the Trustees have put together a team of Old Mutual trained, controlled and disciplined consultants who are able to advise members on their needs in retirement and appropriate avenues for investment funds.

Additional information is available on the ISASA Pension Scheme and Provident Fund website.