Trends in Independent Education 2014

Optimism and concern, hope and worry … ISASA Executive Director Lebogang Motjane looks at current trends in independent education.

ISASA Executive Director, Lebogang Montjane spoke about the “age of flux” and the need to identify industry challenges, both in the general socio-political economy and the education environment.

He noted that ISASA hopes to assist members by examining how economic conditions, socio-cultural shifts, technological developments, environmental changes, political circumstances and the regulatory regime effect education and schools.

The presentation proceeded to examine key trends in the following areas:

  • Political and legal developments
  • National and international economic changes
  • Capital in the 21st century
  • Social and demographic changes, particularly in Africa
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Environmental sustainability
  • What is in our favour

It’s the ultimate paradox for leaders: you can’t predict the future, but you must make sense of it in order to thrive.

Get There Early, by Bob Johansen

Trends in Independent Education
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