FormatSAHISA Conference 2014

Saving Private Reputation

Saving Private Reputation. How much are we driven by our school’s reputation? A presentation by Tim Middleton of CHISZ.

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Trusting in the Process

Trusting in the Process. Overcoming learning difficulties through sport and making it a lifestyle. A presentation by James Thompson.

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Caged Canaries

Caged Canaries and Counting Cattle. Joy and fulfillment amid the frustration of rural South African education. A presentation by Thomas

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Physifun Presentation

Posture, core Stability, handwriting, fidgeting and sport – are they related? A presentation by Tracy Prowse of Physifun.

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Community Engagement

Producing unique graduates: the value of community engagement in schools. A presentation by Diana Hornby.

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Overview of the NECT

Overview of the National Education Collaboration Trust. A presentation by Godwin Khoza to the SAHISA Conference 2014.

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