ITSI Holdings

ITSI provides educators and students with a digital solution that enhances and simplifies the teaching experience at every touchpoint.


ITSI services include:

  • E‑books: ITSI provides students and educators with thousands of educational titles from local and international publishers and authors to choose from.
  • Educator Console: The ITSI Educator Console allows educators to create, manage and push learning resources directly into students’ textbooks.
  • Assessments: ITSI transforms formative assessments from a cumbersome process to an efficient teaching and diagnostic tool.
  • Classroom Activity Monitor: ITSI Classroom Activity Monitor (CAM) is an educator-friendly console for managing content and learners.
  • Educational Resources: ITSI provides educational institutions with multiple open educational resources that educators can push into e‑books to enhance the learning experience for students.
  • Training and Support: ITSI’s support personnel continuously assist and train educators to ensure a smooth transition to the ITSI Solution.