Letter from the SAHISA Chair

The Covid-19 global pandemic has placed us all in extraordinary and unprecedented times. The last SAHISA Council meeting that we held on 11 March seems so long ago and yet a mere three and a half weeks have passed since then.

I do hope that you and your family are safe and remain in good health throughout the coming months.

Never before have we, as Heads, been expected to be more adaptable, flexible, agile, collaborative, sensitive, or committed to the essence of education. The ability that we have in such a time of global crisis to focus our communities on authentic, active, compassionate and lifelong learning and create an understanding of who they are, the value that they contribute to society and the far-reaching impact that they can have on the future is both remarkable and daunting.

It is in times such as these that our versatile strengths and relationships really come to the fore.

Download the full letter from SAHISA Chair, Lin Heidmann:

Letter to Members April 2020
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