Private Schooling in a Developing Nation

What is the role of independent schools in the national scheme of things? How do we create programmes that promote true interdependence- that transcends the dependence and independence stages.

Godwin Khoza is CEO of the National Education Collaboration Trust. NECT is dedicated to strengthening partnerships among business, civil society, government and labour to achieve the education goals of the National Development Plan.

Godwin addressed the SAHISA Conference on progress achieved by NECT, as well as his views on the role of private schooling in a developing nation.

Godwin also spoke about how to achieve change in the South African education system:

  • Focused, coherent, in-depth and relentless collaborative efforts aimed at making improvements in the six themes of the Education Collaboration Framework
  • Fixing the system and driving improvement
  • Effective programming and sufficient resourcing
  • A mix of both technocratic and non-technocratic interventions
  • How then do we improve collaboration between independent and public schools in the NECT scheme of things?

Overview of the NECT
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