Rhino Lifeline

The Rhino Crisis: Teaching a World to Care. A presentation by Dr William Fowlds.

The ‘Rhino crisis teaching a world to care’ is a rendition of the sad state of rhino poaching meant to create and widen awareness on rhino poaching especially in Africa. Some of the suggested solutions include:

  • Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Global cooperation
  • Education & Demand reduction

A more robust and futuristic intervention may be to engender self-respect and through sport , inspire a generation of kids who care and protect Africa’s natural resources.

 Conservation is about people. People caring for Wildlife. ~Lesley McNutt

Dr Fowlds is a vet and conservationist who has a passion for working with wildlife and currently partnering with Investec in the Rhino Life -line program.

The Rhino Crisis
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