Succeeding in Post-School Education (and Life!)

Why critical thinking, active listening and creative collaboration are the keys to the kingdom of tomorrow.

Professor Harry Dugmore is the inaugural Director of the Discovery Centre for Health Journalism at Rhodes University. Harry has also facilitated scenario-based strategic planning exercises for many companies and organisations.

He spoke to the SAHISA Conference about the critical skills that school-leavers will require to succeed at tertiary education, and once they enter the work of work.

Harry noted that the most needed skills in the US workplace during 2014 were

  • Critical thinking
  • The ability to solve complex problems
  • Decision making
  • Active listening
  • Computer skills
  • Math skills
  • Performance assessment skills

Increasingly, future work skills will be driven by:

  • A computational world
  • Superstructured organisations
  • The rise of smart machines and systems
  • A new media ecology
  • A globally connected world
  • Extreme longevity

What’s in greatest demand today is not just analysis but synthesis – seeing the big picture and crossing boundaries; being able to combine disparate pieces into an arresting new whole.

Daniel Pink

Succeeding in Post School Education
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